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Do you probably have a product or a brand that you want to promote and  market to the rest of the world ? Or may be you want to create a visibility or awareness of your product or brand ! You are warmly welcomed to work with us ( Blogging Engage ) .

You are assured of getting quality results with us,  as you are expecting, you have nothing to fear !!

We are a Multi Purpose Blog Niche Community whose publication is purely base on what users from all walks of life and perspective of filed wants. We publish articles ranging from blogging, SEO, Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, Technology, Business and Career, Smartphones apps and games, PC games, Software, Health and fitness, Lifestyle,  and many more.

Most of our traffic comes of Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more as well as other top social media networks like Facebook, twitter, Stumble upon, delicious, Digg and many others. We are gradually increasing in our social media reputation and search engine ranking. Currently Blogging Engage has all hands on deck in improving it's reputation...........

Advertising options ,costs and availability:

Display advertising

Location                                        Size                      Price(Per Month)           Available

Top Header Banner                  468 x 60                             $100                         Yes

In Post Ads                                125 x 125                            $35                          Yes

Sidebars                                     300 × 250                           $50                           Yes
                                                    180 × 150                           $40                           Yes

                                                    160 × 600                           $60                           Yes

Important Note For Display Ad:

We do not practice ad rotation or whatsoever. That means your Ad will be the only ad shown on the spot you paid for and will be seen on each and every single page and post of our site.

Sponsored post (From You) Learn more                              $ 300                        Available

Review Post (From Us)                                                          $500                        Available

Special Tip: Please provide us every vital information if you want us to write a review for you product !!

Important Note For Conversational :

We do not allow any adult sponsored post to be published on our blog, and we do not write a review on any adult product or anything of a sort. We always allow to write and publish legitimate products, brands or services on our blog. Please note that if you want us to write a review for your product, you would have to send us required and essential  information about the product and a slight history of your company..  And note that any review we write or any sponsored post we accept would be shared and syndicated across all our potential social network for free....

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We'll get back to you right after we know what type of ad options you would like to run.
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