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Responsive web design: Why we require it

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The excessive use of Smartphones and tablets have changed the way of designing the website nowadays. 

Designers have to make sure that user gets the same experience while using, the website from different resolutions and screen size. Here’s we need to understand what is responsive websites and why they are essential in the modern era of web design.

RWD is mainly aimed to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).

Why a website should be responsive: some survey results are interesting to know.

1) Tablets shell is being increased by leaps and bounds, in 2013 mobile sell is gone beyond 100 million and as per predictions this ration will reach up to 1.9 in 2015. The exclusive hike of mobile users also asks for user friendly mobile websites.

2) More than 20 percent of Google searches are now being performed through mobile or remote device 

3) Companies or organization who are not focusing on mobile user losing plenty of traffic, because around 66% of mobile users are doing complain about many of websites are not focused on mobile users.

Impact on conversion ratio: The responsive site brings you an immense amount of business opportunities

1. Are you an owner of eCommerce store, is your website is not mobile friendly? Then you have made the biggest mistake ever. Because 67% Are more likely to make a purchase with smart phone from a mobile friendly site than other non-mobile friendly site 

2. Almost 69% of mobile users prefer to do shopping through mobile devices.

3. Black Fridays of 2013 saw 40% of complete online shopping is taking place trough mobile devices which leads to ask for serious attention from all e-store holders.

4. Foresee Results’ report said 54% of respondents are highly satisfied with their mobile experience and more likely to buy from the retailers mobile channel again.

Impact on core business: Save precious time, money and increase brand value.. Oh its sufficient for any entrepreneur 

1.Save Money: it takes less time than creating an additional stand-alone mobile site, which has been the traditional approach. Testing across a number of websites also increases your development, support and maintenance overhead.

2. Save time: Business logic can be applied such that the overall multi-device experience can be significantly enhanced within a single administration.

3.Increase brand reputation: As per Google survey, 48% of user said that if side don’t work well in smartphone, it made them feel like the company don’t care about their business. So having a responsive design, build brand reputation in users mind.
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About the Author: Shane Lee is a creative web designer and developer who like to astonish the audience with heart touching web layouts and appearance. In leisure he like to span natural beauty in his camera.

Responsive web design: Why we require it

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