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How turn off the keyboard sounds on Samsung Galaxy S4

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I love my Samsung android phone to make a sound anytime I tap on the screen possibly when am typing (chatting). But not everybody loves it this way.

I got a question from a friend who wanted to know how he can possibly turn off the sounds that comes out of his Samsung Galaxy S4 anytime he taps on the keyboard of his smartphone.

The solution is simply, first you need to know how to navigate to the settings of your smartphone because turning off the key click of a sound produced on the Galaxy S4 is hidden under a set of menus in the settings. Here’s how to find it:

Screenshot of procedure

#1. First of all you have to Open the Settings screen, and then scroll down and select Language and Input.

#2.  Secondly, find Samsung keyboard and tap the gear-shaped icon.

#3.  Tap on the  Advanced.

#4. And then uncheck Key-tap sound.

Whiles here you can also turn of the key-tap vibration by simply unchecking its option just above the key-tap sound

I hope it was of help to you, if you have any other thing bothering you please get us informed.. Thank you...

How turn off the keyboard sounds on Samsung Galaxy S4

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