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Rumours of Windows 9 Speculating To Be Released On September

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Rumours of Windows 9 Speculating To Be Released On September

There has be some rumours that Microsoft would be releasing its newest OS in the month of September. However, the specific said date might not be truly confirmed, but from the look of things, I think that would be in the late beginning of September or in later in the end of the month.

The next version of windows believed to be code named "Threshold" is publicly expected to be the Windows 9 when it has been finally released.

Judging from the previous version of the windows, windows 8, most customers were badly criticizing and  complaining of the OS not being too friendly and all that. I guess more work would be done in the windows 9 to make it more desktop friendly and easy to understand and use.

According to various sources, Microsoft is preparing to make it available for a public preview so anyone can download and test it when released.


How Much Would It Cost ?

According to some reports, It might sound interesting to know that Microsoft might indeed be taking the footsteps of Apple in rendering its OS (Operating System) to be free of charge. That means, it is free to download for everybody.

What Are The Improvements?

It is logically reasonable that this new version would appropriately come with amazing upgrades and new features.

But I would like to  throw more light on the Power management.. From the look of things, I think we have been given a strong reason to believe that the power management has been fully worked on to last for a considerable amount of time as compared with the later.

More apps, has been added on their windows store for download, with the look of things I might be forced to say that things with windows is about to change. Considering the huge success Apple gets from it apps download, I guess Microsoft is about to take that trend when the windows 9 is released..

Could that be the reason why it is free of charge to download ??

Rumours of Windows 9 Speculating To Be Released On September

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