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How to Use Google Plus to Generate Massive Traffic

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The internet is really evolving and changing day in and day out, things that might be effective today might lose its touch tomorrow,

Days are past when everything captivates attention, but now, creativity is what really makes you stand out. Channelling this to what we are going to discuss now, Google plus has really deployed all creativeness to invent powerful tool which makes marketing easy.

As an entrepreneur, blogger, webmaster or even a business owner, you should know that what shines light on your business is an effective marketing and quality time dedication. And then you can think about strategies…

Google plus has incorporated those components that makes marketing very realistic. Ranging from, Google hangouts, pages to communities, all are very effective. When used correctly, Google plus is a powerful marketing component.

Outline a Better Personal Profile

The first procedure in utilizing Google Plus to generate traffic or exposure to your business is by creating an awesome and amazing profile of exactly who you are. .

Don’t be misleading, create a truthful profile of yourself.

Add Great Value to Your Content/Product

This is the second most power strategy to becoming successful online with your business.

When we talk about increasing engagement of a website and possibly generating massive traffic, we cannot do away with marketing and neither can we forget social network.

People are looking to stick with something worthwhile and useful, not the other way round. If your site is with value, I bet you, you would always continue to have returning readers and new readers and that would eventually land you to promise land.  Likewise your product.

So value should not be compromised with traffic. If the value is there, the traffic would come. It is a definite assurance.

Imagine you buy a product and after use, you find out that the product is not adding any value to what you are using it for, would go back to buy the same product again??

So share with your community, friends and circle an amazing content to show for it. Let them understand that you know what you are about.

Join Communities of Similar Niche

A community is a group of people with similar, common interest or goal. In Google plus communities, members discuss issues concerning a particular interest with the intention to solve one another’s problem.

Within such community, you can get potential customers to know about your product and what you offer.

It is a better place to interact and show your customer that you are human just like them and you care about that they want. As a professional in whatever you do, you are not to be served but you are to serve.

You can also create your own amazing community and relate with your readers or customers willing to engage with you and what you offer.

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Include Image in anything you Share.

It is said and believed that content with images get the higher engagement level as compared to content without images.  Images speaks louder than words and as such the human eye is more captured by an image faster than a text only.

People might even tend to click the image rather than the text link itself. So always try to include image in your content.

Let your image be impressive, catchy and meaningful, let it carry and intention to pass a positive reply to the person seeing it.

Use Google+ Hangouts

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The Hangout is more or less like a video conversation. Which is supposed to be used for a video chat.

If your customers’ demands to reach out to you basically because he wants clarification of service or product offer, Google Hangouts creates the avenue for this interaction.

Some customers would like to reach you using the hangouts because the believe sending you a message through your support team might take hours if not days to reply.

You can also use the Hangouts to conduct interviews and share your opinions concerning an event, and give solutions to problems…

Some companies use Hangouts to for communication concerning the progress of their company.. There are so many uses of hang out..

What do you think? Do you have anything to say about this , please share it with us  in the comment box below !!

How to Use Google Plus to Generate Massive Traffic

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