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How To Build Original High Quality Backlinks To Your Site

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Building backlinks is very important for your site in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is very important to understand the potential capability of building quality backlinks that points to your site or blog. 

With a lot of people jumping to the internet wagon creating their website and publishing articles of similar content perhaps title. rarely original.

At some point, search engines has problems handling millions of website talking about the same topic and keywords. On that note, the best way search engine handles such a problem is basically determining the reputation of sites and the amount of quality links pointing to the site. 

Base on this strategy, Search engine is able to filter and shows the most relevant and quality site in top results
However, in order to appear in the top ten results, your site would have to be ranked for important keywords related to the queries, you must have an excellent and relevant content and a high number of quality links directing to your site.

How do we build quality and original backlinks to our site?  We are going to be discussing the most basic and simple method of building backlinks. Even pro bloggers can not do away with it.

Before you start building backlink, you should consider the type of backlink you want for your site. For example, if you own a site that talks about health and fitness, you might want to receive backlinks coming from sites with similar emotion. Nevertheless, it might be weightless to have a backlink coming from a site that talks about shoes or may be necklace. However, it all depends on the the domain authority and Page rank of that particular site.

Now lets dive into them and tackle it one by one until the later:

#1     Guest post,

Guest post is basically publishing an article or content you have originally written on another website for it readers to enjoy and be acquainted.  It is one best way to get a quality link pointing back to your website. 

However, more site owners would be willing to include your link if only you write an interesting article or content for them rather than just trying to smuggle your link into one of their existing articles. They might even flag your personality as spammy. 

And you might not be willing to know the disadvantages of that…  I have stated the process that might be considered before wanting to guest post on other website of similar interest.

   How do I guest post,

*  Contact the blog,
*  Give out your headline or title of your post,
*  Create or write your post.
*  Include necessary links
*  Write a short bio
*  Send the article back to the blog owner.

>>  You Can Submit your guest post here learn how

#2    Join and Post on forums

Posting on forums is a little more like commenting on other web pages but it is a different thing all together in a different environment. Before you post on forums you should check how relevant your contribution might help. Always ensure you have read the forums terms and conditions.

Why?  Because some forums do not allow you to post links until you have reach a maximum present of two or three weeks… Some forums also demands you post discussion without any links until you have reach a certain level...

Those things should be taken into considering before you would be banned from the forum.

Again, this is to build the reputation of your account, which can be used later to build backlinks.

       About the forums to join,

*  Forums related to your niche
*  Contribute on the forums, build your account.
*  Help others and include relevant links

#3     Share article on blogging community

As a new blogger or a pro blogger or may be a web master, you should always want to join community of interest and share your article with them, even though your link might carry a no follow attribute, it would have a little impact on your blog search engine optimization rank. Plus it would also drive massive traffic to your blog if only your content is educative and interesting.

I believe you have heard a lot of people saying content is king? To me I agree to certain extent but not 100% agreement. The reason I agree in the first place is that, if your content is educative, yes it would drive traffic and may be get people linking back to your post as a reference.

On the other side of the coin, I believe that socialization might also take the kingship role,

Why? lets take for instance you don’t share your article on any social platform, it would definitely not be seen by anybody let alone be shared or linked back to for reference. Do you agree ??

So you might conclude that both of them have something in common. In other words, you could say that content is the King and refer the socialization as the queen.

#4     Comment on other blogs.

Don’t be too hungry for links and make it obvious by always leaving links in your comments. Your links might be removed by the webmaster and flagged as spam.

Before you comment on any blog make sure you read the content of the article and leave a reasonable comment in relation to what the content talks about, if so demanding you might leave a reference link to another article elsewhere if you want other readers to better understand the content in such article.

But you would be doing that at your own risk. The fact is Google is now checking and flagging links found in comments as spammy, and it could really affect your site quality ranking.

If you are commenting on blogs with comment luv make sure to leave your website link as a point back to your site, with that, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

#5      Create infographics.

Creating infographics is one of the smartest ways of building quality backlinks to your webpage. Because you get people to share you infographics on their blogs and website. ..

ADVICE:  When creating an infographics make sure you are focusing to solve one particular problem instead of sharing too much information....

The fact is that you don’t really need much to create an amazing educative infographics. You can just recycle one of your old article into a graphic and republish it on your blog again. You don’t necessarily have to come up with a new idea.

You can build quality backlinks by making your infographics go viral.

The best way to make your infographics go viral is merely by spending money and time creating an amazing eye catching graphics.

TIP: People will link to your infographics only if they are unique, engaging and entertaining.. And always remember to share it on social media platforms.

The Future of Building Backlinks

Creating or building backlinks isn't just about building as many as you can, but quality matters more effectively than quantity. Furthermore, getting backlinks from other websites with strong reputations also counts.

What do you think? Do you have anything to add,  please share it with us  in the comment box below and lets discuss !!  Thank YOU !!

How To Build Original High Quality Backlinks To Your Site

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