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Useful Tips That Could Help Keep Your Account And Personal Details Secured Online

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Hello everybody, hope we are good??  Today’s post is on the topic of security: that is how we can make our accounts online secured and safe from pilfering and leakage.

Do you take safety measures and precaution to keep your account safe? If yes, then what are the procedures you take to ensure your claim? I don’t know whether you have heard of any news of accounts being hacked!!

If you don’t know, let me tell you, day in and day out,  there are complains of users accounts being hacked and the access diverted, that means the original owner can no longer access their accounts. And that is bad, I guess we wouldn't want that to happen to us!!

As part of our commitment to provide you with healthy information, we would like to remind you of some useful tips that could help keep your account, and the personal details contained within it, very safe and secure.

Here's How You Can Protect Your Account: 

TIP #1

Change your password regularly. 

Changing password regularly is always recommended if you are using a public computer to access the internet to do your activity. This is because the computer you are using is basically not your own and as such, you don’t know what software is running on the programs. You never can trust public computer system. If you can’t get a personal computer for yourself, it is recommended to do this check.

TIP #2

Do not include your username, name, or year of birth in your password. 

Always make sure you don’t include any of these information in your password. Because it might make it possible for someone around you to guess right your password and log in to your account. The reason is, this information are meant to be disclose publicly as part of your personal information to your audience or friends.
So always ensure that you don’t add any of this information to your password, prevention is better than cure, if only there is a cure in the first place!!

TIP #3

Use a mixture of letters and numbers to increase the strength of your password.

Increase the strength of your password by mere using all characters such as text (Capital and Small letters), figures and symbols. The togetherness of all these characters makes your password strong enough to be penetrated.

TIP #3

Don’t share your personal computer with any friend or relative.

If you are a blogger or a business man whose work demands using computers to work, I wouldn't suggest sharing it with any of your friends because are believe your personal, private and business documents would be in it. Apart from that, some people always save their passwords on their computer (Browsers) so they would not be asked to type it next time they log on to the same site… And these password can be revealed when one visits your browsers settings in the security section. So be wise and don’t make that mistake of sharing your personal computer.

TIP #4

Put a password on your BIOS and on your windows/Mac log on screen.

You can’t be assured of taking your laptop everywhere you go, there would be times when you would leave it to attend to other occasions. At these times, someone might try to access your laptop or desktop for whatever the reason might be. You would be on a safer side if you take these security measures…

TIP #5

Check the kind of links you click (open) from your email inbox or spam box.

These days, we receive mails that are not supposed to be in our inbox, and we think they are harmless, please be cautioned. Some of the links are contains viruses that would be downloaded unto your computer stealthily (silently) without you knowing that you have installed a virus that would access all your security base data and report to the sender of the virus. This viruses are known as key logger, their job is to report to the creator whatever is happening in any computer they are installed. …

To be on the safer side, you can download and install an Anti-Keylogger.   I strongly recommend Zemana Antilogger, it is one of the best. Find out more...

I understand that no one ever wishes to be a victim of this, so in order not to be a victim, you have to take strong security measures in protecting your property!!

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This post is written by Dok Simon ..... He is the main Editor of  Blogging Engage.. Very friendly and loves what he does.. he is also a Gospel song writer, rapper and singer.. 

Useful Tips That Could Help Keep Your Account And  Personal Details Secured Online
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