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Understanding How God Builds Our Faith And Strengthens US To Succeed.

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How we are strengthened By GOD.

Sometimes we seem not to understand how GOD builds our faith and makes us strong for the task ahead of us. Sometimes we think we are under punishment but the truth still remains the same that we are under modeling and strengthening by GOD.

Let’s look at a scenario here. A man found a cocoon of butterfly. One day, a small opening appeared. He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through the little hole. Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it has gotten as far as it could and it could go no further. So the man decided to help the butterfly by using a pair of scissors to cut of the remaining cocoon

The butterfly then emerged easily, but it had a swollen body and a small shriveled wings. The man continued to watch the butterfly because he expected that at any moment from then, the butterfly would enlarge and expand it wings to be able to support its body and fly, which would basically contract time. Neither of what he anticipated happened, the truth is that the butterfly spent the rest of it life crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. It never was able to fly.

Question: Someone might ask why the butterfly doesn't have its freedom to fly. Probably, Was or wasn't it good that the man helped the butterfly to come out of the cocoon. What could have gone wrong?  Let’s find out..... 

What the man in his kindness and haste did not understand was that restricting the cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the tiny opening was GOD’s way of forcing the fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings so that eventually it would be ready for flight once it achieved it’s freedom from the cocoon. .. Now you see why the butterfly freedom to fly was restricted. Ok now

In this circumstances who would you blame for the inability of the butterfly not to fly. All fingers might be pointing to the man would help it.  He was only trying to help the butterfly from the struggle and pain he thinks the butterfly might be facing or suffering… But here, that is not the case.

You know, sometimes we ask GOD for something and HE gives us another. It is not because He the Almighty does not like us or whatsoever. But it is because HE wants us to know the principle root of acquiring what you want. It is better to teach someone that one plus one is two (1+1=2) than to show the answer to the person, so next time the person would be able to work it out himself because he knows the principle.

The person has to pass through the struggle of learning and shaping himself for the future. It is not suffering, it is preparation through learning.

So you see in the scenario, that the butterfly was struggling to shape itself for the task ahead of it so it would have its freedom to fly… but the shortcut of making the butterfly feel eased up rendered the butterfly inability to fly again forever.

This is basically to tell us that there is no short cut in life, no easy path, but sometimes these short cuts tends to work out for some people and bring them success but it's just for a short time and the end thereof is disaster, total suffering…..Not recommended.

#  We ask God for strength and GOD gives us difficulties to makes us strong.
#   We ask for love and HE gives us troubled people to help them love.
#   We ask for wisdom and HE gives us problems to solve.
#  We ask for courage and HE gives us danger to overcome.
#  We ask for favor and HE gives us opportunities.
#  We ask for money and He gives us work to do.

WHY ? This is all basically to prepare us for the task ahead of us. Eventually we received nothing we wanted but we received everything we needed since we worked for it from GOD. Isn't that Amazing !!
Brethren, always understand GOD for HE knows the best for us and whatever HE does is for the perfection of our faith lives and our journey through life. So we would understand and walk with HIM as always as possible. And until we reach that point where we fully understand GOD we would tend to complain for everything HE does. Always take your Bible seriously. Read it every day like you eat every day. Because in it is what GOD wants to show us……

About the AuthorThis post is written by Dok Simon (About me)..... He is the main Editor of  Blogging Engage..  Very friendly and loves what he does.. he is also a Gospel song writer, rapper and singer.. You can join me here.. Twitter | Facebook | Google Plus | Ask Me Que.

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Understanding How God Builds Our Faith And Strengthens US To Succeed.
  • Title : Understanding How God Builds Our Faith And Strengthens US To Succeed.
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