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Top Three Common Mistakes Bloggers Often Make Before or After Starting A Blog.

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Mistakes Bloggers Often Make!

Today is a wonderful day so to speak. Do you know that God blesses every day for everybody on this planet, but have you asked yourself why other people’s day turns out to be good for them than others? May be not. Our God is a faithful GOD, He has made all things possible for those who believe. What you do today brings you a consequences  which could  rather be good or bad tomorrow.  May advices be on the winning side and do the right thing!

Thank God for yet another day with great breath and a wonderful life filled with blessed people like you reading this article. GOD has made all things possible only to those that believe.

Today we are going to discuss some of the mistakes some bloggers make even before they start blogging. Before an act is replicated to action it has already be conceived in your mind. And they joy of success is the better renewal of your mind. 

Today new bloggers are arising from all angles and perspectives of life, from all corners of the earth. And they keep on making the same mistakes that could be avoided over and over again. Let’s go through these mistakes and see how to prevent them from popping up.

#1 Waiting For the best moment to blog

There is no such time as a perfect moment for blogging. If you are willing to make your blog excel then you should be ready and willing to be consistent with your blogging act. Don’t try to wait for life to be a little easy before you get serious and busy. You might end up not doing anything at all.  Every second and minutes counts in your blogging career. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what you can do before you know that you actually can do such .

I just started serious blogging this year (2014) precisely April, and I spend almost all my time blogging. Not because I don’t have something to do but because I make out time for it. If I should probably wait for the perfect time then I guess there wouldn't be any perfect and good time for me to start blogging.

There is no such thing as a perfect time to start a future today. Delay might be dangerous!!

#2 Always and Only Thinking about the Money Factor

One thing I like about serious blogging is that when you devote your time and effort blogging regardless of the money factor. There would be a time the money itself would start looking for you and you would be amazed at how much you could make blogging. So as a newbie blogger who is thinking of money, I would encourage you to renew your mind and get serious with blogging. Think of taking your blog to the next level and all other things would come at the right time. There is no better thing as preparing for the future now that you have the chance to.

It takes several months of effort and time to be able to build a blog that would bring you a steady and month watering income. If you probably choose a Niche because you think it has a good earning potential then you are likely to fail as a blogger within few weeks. Be genuine and choose genuine  niche that interest you. And devote your time to hype it.

Preparation pays better for a great benefit ahead its better than rushing it before you get there. Because when you get there you might not be able to manage issues...

#3 Choosing the Wrong Blogging Platform !

They are different range of blogging platform out there for you to choose from, sometimes bloggers make a lot or mistakes on the platform to choose from. Whether it is blogger or WordPress they are both great, so many bloggers say WordPress is the best. to certain degree I agree with them but on other way round you just can not tell until you try.  I have been using blogger and I can't complain. May be I would move to WordPress someday or even may be not. I love blogger because it is very simple and easy to manipulate. So I see it to be fun.. 

Special Tip: Always use what you think you are comfortable with.. Don't use it because everybody is using it !!!  Be special and be yourself!!

About the AuthorThis post is written by Dok Simon (About me)..... He is the main Editor of  Blogging Engage..  Very friendly and loves what he does.. he is also a Gospel song writer, gospel singer and rapper You can join me here.. Twitter | Facebook | Google Plus |

How was this information  helpful to you, do you have any suggestion to give,  please let me know in the comment box.. Please Join the discussion !!
Top Three Common Mistakes Bloggers Often Make Before or After Starting A Blog.

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