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Secure your Accounts, web banking and on-line searching (Zemana AntiLogger Review)

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Secure your web banking and on-line searching

The Internet brings the globe into your home, that is nice till things go wrong…

Online searching, banking and social networking sites enrich your life. however if malware, spy-ware or a keylogger infects your computer, then someone else gets wealthy at your expense…

Traditional anti-virus software system reacts too slowly. It solely appearance for notable threats, thus it's lot if you get hit by AN unknown "zero day" malware. Tomorrow, everyone else's anti-virus programs can update and sweep away the intruder. however that is too late for you! Your bank account's empty, your mastercard details area unit up for auction on A banned website, someone is exploitation your pc to mass mail ("spam") the remainder of the globe, and your personal web site currently redirects to banned smut.

Zemana AntiLogger  is proactive. It goes any than simply guarding against notable threats. It uses refined time period activity analysis to unceasingly monitor your pc for suspicious activity. If one thing or someone is recording your keystrokes, trawling your Winchester drive, or change of state together with your system, then AntiLogger steps in. you'll surf the net like perpetually, knowing your pc is protected.

Do I still need AntiLogger when I have an Anti-Virus?

AntiLogger is dramatically higher than ancient antivirus merchandise. they sometimes solely explore for virus "fingerprints", that should 1st be known by antivirus re-searchers operating in a very science lab. This creates a window of chance for unseen malware to bring disturbance beneath the terribly nose of your security software system.

Anti-Logger provides higher protection. rather than anticipating notable malware, it is aware of however malware operates within your pc. It will observe running malware, and stop it from symptom your pc.

Is AntiLogger totally compatible with antivirus or firewall tools?

Yes, we tend to designed Zemana AntiLogger for max compatibility. in depth tests establish no conflict with well-known security merchandise. you'll use Zemana Anti-Logger as a very important additional layer of security.

Aren't HTTPS/SSL secured web banking sites secure enough?

They are terribly secure. sadly, the malware really spies on your pc, not the sites you use!
For example, a keylogger steals your username and password by observation your keyboard. different spyware may steal info from your arduous drive information that's terribly seemingly to be simply understood by the malefactor.

Security Features;

SSL Logger protection (WORLD’S FIRST!): 128-bit encryption reliably secures data during online shopping and high-value financial transactions. Unfortunately, a new generation of spyware grabs your data just before it becomes safely encrypted! Zemana AntiLogger's unique proactive protection prevents your personal information from being stolen while you are conducting online banking transactions or e-commerce using an encrypted 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Webcam Logger protection (WORLD’S FIRST!): Is Big Brother watching you? Hackers and spyware can seize control of your webcam, even when it's switched off! Needless to say, Zemana AntiLogger prevents this.

Key Logger protection: Keyloggers record whatever you type by monitoring the keyboard. This renders most security useless, but not Zemana AntiLogger!

Clipboard Logger protection: Copying, cutting and pasting sends potentially sensitive data to your Windows clipboard where malware can get at it. Fortunately, Zemana AntiLogger deals with all attempts at malicious monitoring, including memory capture.

Screen Logger protection: Just as you can take a screen capture, screenlogger malware snaps the screen at your most vulnerable moments, e.g., when you are plugging in sensitive data such as bank account information with VirtualKeyboard. Zemana Anti-Screen Logger spots this suspicious activity in ways that go beyond the standard, signature-based anti-logging algorithms.

System Defense: Malware likes to get at your registry, your physical memory (RAM), and other sensitive areas so it can inject malicious code and seize control of your PC. Zemana AntiLogger guards against all this, securing the very heart of your machine.

Stop hackers now with Zemana AntiLogger !

No need to download latest virus signatures No need to know or detect the malware's signature No need to wait for updates from a virus lab No need to scan files Proactively looks for suspicious activity Catches not just the usual suspects, but also sophisticated "zero day" malware Prevents theft of data via secure connections (HTTPS / SSL) Does not slow down your PC Easy to download, install and use Windows Vista and Windows XP

Supported operating systems: 
Windows Vista/ Windows XP/Windows later...

Hardware requirements: 
128 MB Ram, 50 MB free space on the hard drive, Intel Pentium 300 MHz or higher (or equivalent).

Secure your Accounts, web banking and on-line searching (Zemana AntiLogger Review)

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