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Review And Helpful Tips to Increase Your Earnings with Infolinks Ad Network

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Helpful Tips to Increase Your Earnings with Infolinks Ad Network

A brief information of Infolinks to those of you who doesn't really know what Infolinks is all about. Let me share with you an information that might worth it for you if only you apply it to your Infolinks ad network. 

Infolinks is an ad network in the category of CPM, which is cost per mile and sometimes considered as PPC (pay per click) ad network. The category specifies ad networks that pays publishers per page views. And Infolinks happens to be in this category. Infolinks allows publishers of website or blog owners to serve In-Text ads on their various blogs or websites.

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Sometimes people get it all confused as to whether how money is generated using the Infolinks ads. The question is simple, publishers get paid whenever reader’s mouse hovers around the text links, whenever a reader views your page and whenever a user clicks on the links offered on you page. I believe this is simple enough to understand. 

To those of us using Infolinks ad network on our blogs already, I believe there are some tips you might have skipped because you probably don’t know about it.  Anyways, no worries because am about to reveal those tips to you. Nevertheless, bear in mind that if your page is clouded with adverts and links sometimes it gets the reader confused and might even pisses them off.

Special Tip: In all ad networks the mile stone that generates you money is your traffic. You should have a considerable relative high traffic. May be 10,000 daily page views or even more. That way you can be assured of high earnings......... 

Info:  How Much Can You Earn With inFolinks ?

Read The Mathematics...+ + = $

If for instance your site generates the amount of traffic below a day, these are likely the earning you could accumulate in just a day!!
       Page views per day                                Earnings($) per day

1,000                                                         1-2
10,000                                                     10-12
100,000                                             100 - 200

Special Tip:  It all depends on the Ad eCPM ..If it's probably $1-$2 you are likely to  earn the maths above...

1. Match the Infolinks link Colour to your blog link colour 

To be able to make an impact to your Infolinks network, one should consider matching his or her Infolinks link colour with that of your blog or website colour these would reasonably increase ad clicks or mouse hover. 

2. Double Underline the Infolinks links.

Infolinks serves higher pay with a double line instead of a single line out. So make sure you line out your blog link with a doubled line out to get the benefit of it. Most people use single line as a way to make their Infolinks links look almost the same with their links. These would only give you a low pay. So reconsider. 

3. Maximize the Links per Page

It is recommended to use a maximum of six (6) links per page but Infolinks suggests using a maximum of twelve (12) so to maximize your earnings. I would recommend the use of twelve links per page if your article content or post has a minimum word count of 500 words or more, on the contrary, if your post has a less than 500 then I would rather have you go for six (6) links per page.

4. Choose the Best Content Category.

Depending on the type of blog niche your you run, choose an appropriate category that goes with that. Don’t try to be all wise and choose the category you thinks has the highest pay. Consider this when adding a new site.  You can also easily change your current category of your website by going to ‘My Websites’ at the menu tab. And Select an appropriate category for your website.

5. Activate all Ad type

Infolinks has in general four (4) ad types namely, in fold, in text, in tag, in frame.  To be able to maximize your earn, you should have all the ad type activated on your website or blog.

Question? Can Infolinks be used with Google AdSense?

The answer is yes, Google AdSense allows it users to run ads alongside with Infolinks. You can also use Infolinks with any other Advertising network. Maximize your total earnings from your blog using Infolinks. Moreover you can use Infolinks as AdSense alternative.

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How do I get approved with infolinks?

Unlike other networks that take certain things into consideration even before they approve you on their program, Infolinks are very soft with their approval to join their network. Because they are open for both big and small blogs and website, it does not real take anything to get approve. I guess you should probably have three or more post or article on your blog to be approve.

How Much Do I Really Earn With Infolinks.

I know many of you would really want to know how much you can earn with Infolinks. I was so amazed at what I earned with Infolinks for the very first month I registered with them. I guess it was probably because I get up to 3,500 page views a day on one of my blogs. The more you get genuine traffic to your blog probably from USA or UK you can be assured of earning high revenue with Infolinks.

Payment methods?

Bank Wire,
Western Union,  

How do I sign up or register Infolinks?

If probably you have not registered for Infolinks, you can register is all free. They are always open for new prospects from all aspects. Just go to their official website by clicking infolinks


Click  "Get it Now" and put all your appropriate details in the empty boxes. Don’t use fake details please. Use your correct email so they would be able to reach you. 

If you use wrong details your payment might not be able to reach and you need to consult them before you make any changes......

About the AuthorThis post is written by Dok Simon (About me)..... He is the main Editor of  Blogging Engage..  Very friendly and loves what he does.. he is also a Gospel song writer, gospel singer and rapper You can join me here.. Twitter | Facebook | Google Plus |

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Review And Helpful Tips to Increase Your Earnings with Infolinks Ad Network
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