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10 Tips To Consider Whether Newbie and Pro Blogger If You Really Want To Boost Your Blog Credibility

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Blogging is really a serious business that require devotion, time money and effort, anybody who has all this can consider himself as lucky in climbing to the next ladder. Not usually does these resource work out. The first main ingredient that could be of help is the willingness to excel and make a difference. ..

How serious do you think you can be to improve your site’s SEO ranking, social media presence and many more that can really help your works grow rapidly?

I would try to make this as simple as possible, don’t really want to bug you with so many words that might even eventually confuse you. Let me make things a little simple and short for all of us.
 In the world of blogging, everybody wants to be recognized and respected, everybody wants to be recognize for uniqueness of work done or probably with a difference of work.

This applies to serious bloggers not just any copy and paste kind of blogger who does not necessarily know what blogging is all about…

Let me give a little advice to those bloggers whose work is just to copy, being a photocopy would not make you a pro blogger like  Neil Patel of, Ramsay Taplin of, Marc Andre of, Darren Rowse of and many others who are reaping the fruit of their hard work and devotion and making thousands of $ (dollars a month) they are known for their trademark and originality.

Let’s go straight to the point as I elaborate and share with you the very piece of information that I have come to love and practice, and it is truly working for me, I wouldn't deny it...

Just sit back and relax as we dive into each an every point one after the other… but before then let me outline the points to be considered…


#1  Teach others what you have Learned and know..
#2  Your Email List Is More Important Than Anything Else.
#3  Give out your true personality... (Lets know you better)
#4  Always consider to write a guest post...
#5  Promote Your Content.
#6  Spend more time with your work and less with your friends!!
#7  Always speak fact... Speak of things that has worked for you!!
#8  Let your content be an example of you...
#9  Always try to make friends with people that would help you       
       grow your work...
#10  Respect the emotions of the people you are addressing!!

For Newbies and Pro Bloggers; If You Really Want To Improve Your Blog Credibility 

Now let’s talk !!!!!!

Like I said from the beginning, I would make it simple and understandable, so don’t really worry about anything...

TIP #1 Teach Others What You Have Learned and Know

 Our daily life is like a class room where every activity is a lesson and we learn a lot from it as we progress. Just like when you were in school. After learning from your teacher you try to explain to your friend who doesn't really understand. Some people have nice strategies of learning fast and others don’t. So it is in the blogging field, we learn from one another.

When you teach someone what you know (should be right), it builds trust and confidence in the person learning from you that you know the right things that could be applicable to his or her business success and everything you recommend is the best.  This could go a long way in helping you make sales should in case you have any product to offer. Most of the top bloggers out there have built some trust in their readers and it is really helping them when it comes to affiliate products. This explains the reason why a pro blogger like Jon would tell you he makes a revenue $100,000 a month… it is simple, it starts from the scratch...

TIP #2  Your Email List Is More Important Than Anything Else.

The next thing you need to do is give your readers the chance to stay updated to your feed, there are a lot of email subscribing companies out there like mail chimp, aweber and others… Do you know that readers that subscribes to your website feed gives you an assurance of a specific number of view or traffic. Nevertheless, you can also get traffic from other sources… Let me tell you something that happen to one of my blogger friend.

I wouldn’t want to mention his blog’s name here but I would tell you how his email subscriber’s kept his blog alive. He had like 8,000 subscribers from his blog! He said  his site was penalize by Google after their recent panda update and his site dropped from receiving the huge traffic it was getting from search engine, but he did not suffer it so much because his subscribers kept on getting his blog updates and kept on visiting him almost every time he publishes an article or post. Until Google restored his site status... He would have dropped drastically from his monthly earning but he felt just a little pain because of his subscribers….

TIP #3 Give out your true personality... (Let’s know you better)

 It is not all the time that being anonymous helps. In a case where you want to build a blog network, I guess it is better you give your blog a personality so people who know who is behind what is coming.
Let’s take for instance, am selling a product on my blog. A very delicate product and you don’t really know me the seller. I believe there would be a doubt in the potency of the product. Here is a question, would you buy? The reason is because you don’t know or trust who is selling the product and as such you would prefer buying it from someone you fully know. Right?

So how do you do this? Giving your blog a personality, dedicate a page and write about yourself If possible your family and provide your best picture, so we would know what the CEO looks like. Give a short bio I every post you write, give your email a signature of you details, so any time they receive a mail from you they would know it’s you and wouldn't consider you as spam.

TIP #4 Always consider to write a guest post...

Have you ever thought of writing a guest post and submitting it for publishing by other top bloggers like you? Do you know how much good it does you if you write a guest post? Do you know that you can also get huge traffic from the post you submitted?

Do you know that you can attract email subscriber’s from the blog you published your guest post? Do you know you would be trusted more and you get high credibility and respect?  From other bloggers.

Get this : If you have thought about it just seat and think about it and try your hands in it. you would notice a change...

TIP #5  Promote Your Content.

Whenever you publish you content try as much as possible to share your post to top social media networks. It really helps search engine to index your new post quickly. Apart from that, you also get responsible and quality view of your post. A lot of bloggers do not know that sharing post on Google plus makes Google index it as quickly as possible!! Don’t just sit down a let your post die a premature death, give it some air to breath and live.

TIP #6 Spend more time with your work and less with your friends!!

 Back then when I was in school, I used to spend more time with my mathematics book than any other books. As a result I became very good in mathematics and I always topped the class. People were coming to me for lecturing and explanation.  Where do you think am going with this, I guess am probably trying to establish a point that what so you spend more time with you successfully excel in it. No doubts.

I have been a blogger for some years but I started serious blogging just in 2014, precisely in the month of March. So I spend more time with my blog, reading other blogs and developing myself. I also spend time writing music (Gospel rapper and singer) and with my Bible any time am not on my blog.

The things you spend time with is really what you cherish so much and would not like to play with it..

TIP #7  Always Speak Fact... Speak Of Things That Has Worked For You!!

Let me believe you don’t share with people the things that has not really worked for you. Because when they try it and it doesn't work, I don’t think they would see a need of coming back to your site for more failure tips, tutorial and lecturing. I know you too would do the same if someone shares with you crap information. So don’t share crap info’s. Share what you are sure works and it had worked for you.. It all creates more trust from the receiver.

TIP #8  Let your content be an example of you...Let it speak of your personality

 Do you think this is possible? Yes it is. It is very possible. This is probably done by sharing what you have been through in the message and let the reader feel you from the content. Be passionate and friendly. Sometimes you can tell the friendliness of an author base on the content of his or her article…

TIP #9 Always try to make friends with people that would help you grow your work...

As Jim Rohn famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” Sometimes or even all the time you are influenced by the kind of people you mingle with. They always do have an impact in everything you.  If you are around people that always want to make things happen positively, you would probably also want to make things happen.

That also applies to if you are in the mist of people that wonder why things happen, you would also end up wondering why things happen!!.. Make friends with people who are always looking for a way to change life positively……

TIP #10  Respect the emotions of the people you are addressing!!

Respect is something that is reciprocal. You just don’t command respect if you haven’t earned them. If you address someone badly, don’t just expect to get a positive reply or feedback. It is always good and pays a lot to respect the people you are addressing. They are the same people to help you get to your destination. In return of you also helping them get to where they are expecting. Or maybe want they want...


My final words, know that blogging is about you as the personality!!! Not just about you post content, your social pages or maybe you position. Your personality is want helps your blog grow and that is what people are interested in and nothing else...

About the AuthorThis post is written by Dok Simon (About me)..... He is the main Editor of  Blogging Engage..  Very friendly and loves what he does.. he is also a Gospel song writer, gospel singer and rapper You can join me here.. Twitter | Facebook | Google Plus |

How was this information  helpful to you,  I want to hear what you think, do you have any suggestion to give,  please let me know in the comment box.. Lets Talk..

10 Tips To Consider Whether Newbie and Pro Blogger If You Really Want To Boost Your Blog Credibility

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