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30 Positive Inspirational Quotes to Motivate Us in All Aspect of Lives Including Blogging

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It is better to learn from the mistakes of others than to wait for you to make such mistakes and correct yourself as time is increasing you might be left behind. I always agree to learn from people who have made it in life, get their experiences and know what they have done to succeed that I haven’t done and apply it in my life and see the changes. On that note, I saw that I should put together some of the most important and popular quotes that have really being of help to me... However some of them might be familiar to you but never mind, it is better to refresh your mind on the things you know, than to say you know them but yet can’t remember….

Thank God for yet another day with great breath and a wonderful life filled with blessed people like. God has made all things possible to those that believe. So you better believe today and join the winning team.... 

Positive Inspirational Quotes to Motivate Us.......

Without the assistance of a Divine being GOD I cannot succeed. With the assistance of the Almighty GOD I cannot fail. ABRAHAM LINCOLN... 

If we acknowledge our need for GOD, He would help us in all good things that we do. DR. BEN CARSON.

It is possible to give away and become richer. It also possible to hold on too tightly and lose everything. Yes, the liberal man shall be rich. By watering others, he waters himself.       Prov. 11:24-25

The only way to get rid of bad habit is to replace it with the good one. Rather than concentrate upon what you are not going to do, concentrate on what you are going to do. CARL MAYS.

Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple law which govern its acquisition. GEORGE CLAYSON.

A successful man is the one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. DAVID BRINKLEY

It is important to have goals to strive for because you cannot be a winner in life without them. JIM DAVIDSON.

That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do, not that the nature of it has changed, but that our power to do it has increased. RALPH WALDO EMERSON.

Never leave till tomorrow that which you can do today. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN.

Associate yourself with people of good quality if you esteem your reputation, for it is better to be alone than to be with bad company. GEORGE WASHINGTON.

The difficulties and struggles of today are but the best price we must pay for the accomplishment and victory of tomorrow. WILLIAM BOETCKER.

Time is a unique and interesting resources, invisible, unalterable and unstoppable. TOMMY NEWBERR.

Wisdom is the ability to make use of knowledge effectively. MYLES MUNROE..

Never you fight your detractors physically, but work hard and let the results of your work silence them. PASTOR ENOCH AMINU.

If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it... But when I believe I can, then I acquire the ability to do it, even if I did not have the ability to do it from the beginning. MAHATMA GHANDI  

It is our duty as men and women to proceed as though the limits to our abilities do not exist. PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN.

Man’s greatest limitations the one created in his own mind. CHARLES ALBET POISANT.

You must back up your ambition by your whole nature, by unbound enthusiasm and a determination to win that know no failure. ORISON SWETT MARDEN.

One of the secret of success is to refuse to let temporary setbacks to defeat us. MARRY KAY

Prosperity is living easily and happily in the real world, whether you have money or not. JERRY GILIES.

Success seems to be connected with action, successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit. CONRAD HILLTON.

When you hear about someone who have failed. You are also hearing about someone who has tried and succeeded. You can never fail unless you try. There is no disgrace in failing, there is only disgrace in never having tried. JUDY ZERAFA

You can either control your fears or allow your fears to control you. RALF WALDO EMERSON.

The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better. BARBARA FLETCHER.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievements and the best way to escape a problem is to solve it. HELEN KELLER and ALAN SAPORTA.

No matter how disabled a child may be born, if the boy or the girl becomes a learned man or woman they are no longer disabled. HENRY VISCARDI.

If someone tells you that you cannot do something and you believe it, they are right. CAROL BURNETT.

When something is funny search it carefully for there would be a hidden truth in it. +George Bernard Shaw Fan Page 

Whatever creates joy and energy within you is probably an indication of what GOD wants you to pursue. +Mike Murdock 

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better than before or now. PAT RILEY.

In Everything you do put GOD first because HIM alone see the end from the beginning. +Dok Simon 

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30 Positive Inspirational Quotes to Motivate Us in All Aspect of Lives Including Blogging
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