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Is Blogging Worth Trying and If So How Do I Start

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Is Blogging Worth Trying?

I don’t want to bug you with so many sentences and word, I would try to keep it short and simple as much as possible. This could be a very lengthy topic to discuss. 

I would rather say that this is a rhetorical question which answer cannot be predetermined as to whether it is yes or no.  But all I can say is that, it all depends on the time, effort and money you are willing to offer or sacrifice into it. 
Thank God for yet another day with great breath and a wonderful life filled with blessed people like you reading this article. JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth has made all things possible only to those that believe. So you better believe today.... 

People who are willing to make blogging worth it, spend their time, money and effort on their blogs hours after hours because that is way your blogging is going to make money for you in the near future.  One needs money to promote his blog and increase his or her blog’s search engine optimization (SEO) so the blog would be highly ranked. This is an assurance of popularity for your blog. 

With advertising such as banner placement and writing of review or sponsored post on one’s blog, one is assured of great earnings from his or her blog.  Depending on how popular and how much traffic your blogs receives, you might be closely earning up to $4,000 per month for just advertising product on your blog. Irrespective of where you place them. Just that your advertisers would want to get from you an assurance that you blog would be willing to drive them much sales as they expect. At this juncture, do you still think that blogging is worth it? May be yes or no!

Nevertheless, the time, effort and money one would spend on his blog is just not a joke to play with.  You should consider providing your blog with quality original content, you should be able to build a social media network community for your blog, you should be able to market your blog and take it to the next level,  you should be able to rank your blog in all manner of search engines and so on. With the success of this comes a very hard work and sleepless night. 

One of the UK best blogger Matthew Woodward, in ones of his post shows the expenses he made on his blog and the income he received after his hard work and son on. According to the post he published which reveals his expenses and earnings in 12 months. See it below.

Earnings and Expenses TotalOver all income 74,922.27Expenses – $1,588.18

Now you see how it pays to devote your resources into blogging. So many people who can see the future of their blogging business would do anything to shoot it up to that level. Example of such people is Matthew W. I have heard stories of people, who have dropped their current job to take up blogging as a full time business.  And because of the resources they invested into blogging they were able to make it to the top. I am not saying do the same, am just giving the seriousness in blogging and it benefits. You can offer your own in your own very way and still make it blogging.

How Do I Start Blogging?

Like I said from the beginning, I would make it short and concise.  And I wouldn't want to bug you with so many points that you might find hard considering.

Now the best way to evaluate and see how to start your blog is to know what you have fun doing, your favorite niche I mean. I niche is basically a category of blog you want to blog about. May be sports, technology, Christian messages, helping other bloggers, fashion, books, movies, games, reviewing apps and games of smartphones, social, education, business and career, or even politics. There are so many niche to choose from and all depends on your personality. What you enjoying reading or writing.

After you have chosen that, then the next thing to do is to choose a blog platform to blog with may be or, There are some post or articles out there that would give you the benefits of these two platform, just search for blogger VS. WordPress. Read them and make your choice but I suggest as a new blogger, is to go for because its blogging platform is easy to handle and learn. 

Author: This post is written by Dok Simon..... He is the main Editor and Author of Blogging Engage..  You can join me here.. Twitter | Facebook | Google Plus |

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Is Blogging Worth Trying and If So How Do I Start
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