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How To Easily Set up A Blogger Custom Domain With Godaddy Purchased Domain (Review)

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Thanks to  +Olanrewaju Moshood  who advised me to get a domain for my blog as quickly as possible. Even though I was going to buy a domain anyway, he advised me to be fast at getting it and gave me reasons why I should do that. After our chat, I bought a domain from Godaddy.

Now my biggest challenge was how I could set it up with blogger. I had to consult the Godaddy customer expert for help, which they did but not to my satisfactory because they were not well knowledge with Google blogger platform. Nevertheless, I must commend Godaddy for their fast service and reliable live chat. Their customer service is superb. It has been nice doing business with them. Not regretted so far and I pray it remains so. Am a biggest fun of Godaddy, forget the critics from people.

It's been a wonderful day right, All thanks belongs to GOD whether you agree or other wise. God Rules in the affairs of men.. just let Him in your life and give HIM the chance to...

In this post am only going to share with you what I learnt and my experience with setting up blogger with Godaddy successfully with no problem. I want you to have the same experience. So lets do this together.

Special Tip: Your seriousness as a blogger is measured base on your own paid domain, Most advertisers consider routined site with a decent paid top domains !!

Special Information: This site "Blogging Engage" is hosted with Godaddy for less than $13.00 a year. Godaddy has been my domain and hosting Company  for sometime now and I don't have any problem with Them...I recommend them for you 

First Step #1 Get A Godaddy Account By Buying a Domain!!

First Of all, You Have To Sign Up With Godaddy And Buy A Domain With Them. They Are Actually The Cheapest And Most Reliable Web Hosting Company That I Know Of For Now. and I can guarantee you of excellence working with them..   

Are you ready to start? We are going to take you through a step by step procedure with pictures of how you can buy a domain with Godaddy. So sit back and relax and follow the step one after the other..don't miss anything.....

Now  To get started, Click  BUY A DOMAIN NOW  ! and a new tab would open ! and it would look like what you see in the image below.

Type the domain name you want for your site and click search to see whether or not someone is using it. If it is not available then someone is using it, don't worry type and search for another one.. 

And if it is available lucky you, A list of other domain options like .com, .net, .org and many more would be suggested with different price log. Select the one that best suits you you money level and proceed to the next step  !! 

The cart continues to a next stage where you have three options to choose from.. Let me explain them to you.
Step 1 : This option seeks to protect your personal information from appearing on the internet. informations such as the Registrars name, email, and phone number for a fee of $7.99 per domain. you can choose to select no if you don't have the money.. 

Step 2. ask you whether you want the domain for a website plus a hosting or just hosting, Don't click on any of them, leave it blank. if you have check any of them you can uncheck it by clicking on it again!!!

Step 3 : seeks to add a custom email Address to your website domain that would look like this
for a fee of $4.99 per month... If you don't need it just select "No thanks"

When all this has been selected click on continue to cart below.

Remove all the product that you don't need but has be added, it only adds to the figure of the domain.. you see the spot  circled with a red outline polygon, you can remove the any product that you don't need by clicking on the remove there !!.. Also remember to set your domain to the number of years you want.. After all, click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT

Since you are new with Godaddy just click on the New customer (Continue button) and proceed to checkout...

The next page that opens would bring you a form where you have to enter your information containing Billing Information, Account Information and  Payment Information.. make sure you enter the correct information and credit card details. Remember that your security code is the last 3 digit number located on the back of your card on or above your signature line...After filling the informations, click on continue to proceed.....

Once you have placed your order correctly, click on continue and finally you have bought a domain with Godaddy, Let me be the first to congratulate you on your paid domain !! After your purchase you would have to confirm your purchase. Godaddy would send a message with a confirmation link to the email you used to register. Check your inbox and activate.. And you are done...

Now let's move on to How to set it up with blogger, just follow the step correctly and your blog would be running in no time with you top domain name.

How To Set up A Blogger Custom Domain With Godaddy Purchased Domain.

STEP 1   Lets believe you have a blogger account and you have bought a domain from Godaddy already. That makes things simple and short for us. Please head over to your blogger settings menu and try to add a custom domain you just bought from Godaddy. Let’s say  in the box that would open after clicking on Add a third party domain.

Step 2:  If you do the previous step successfully, you would an error text that looks like the one below. It just simply requires you to do certain setting to your Godaddy DNS settings.

Look just closely to the bottom of the whole coloured box, you would find a link that ask you to download “DNS settings file”. Click and download the file. Keep the file in a directory where you can easily access it when needed.

Step 3: Now, you are half done with the google blogger. Head on to your Godaddy account and launch the domain you wish to configure you’re your blogger blog.

Step 4: If you have arrived here successfully then click on the "DNS Zone File" tab. And click on the Use classic DNS Manager

Step 5: We are going to delete the default record settings of your domain, located them using the image below. On the A record column (first column), we need to delete the “@ the points to their host IP.

Secondly, go to the second column with CNAME (Alias). Locate the “www points to @” and delete it. After you delete you might want to save the progress, but not important now.

Step 6: Press the "Save Zone File" button if you want to save your progress at this point. Press Ok to any window that pops up to confirm.

Step 7: If we have gotten here, wow! You have done a great job. Now let’s try to add our own new records from our blogger to the settings. Click on the Import/Export button and select "Import".  Remember the file we saved from the beginning, now is time to locate it.


Click on the "Choose File" and find the file we have saved from the beginning and then tick the "I understand." checkbox and press the Ok button to continue….. Press ok to any other window that pops up again.

Step 8: If you have successfully done everything as described, you should be able to see your new records added to GoDaddy DNS settings. For both the “A" and two CNAME records…… Great work, I must commend you…….


Step 9: Now, it seems to me that we are done with Godaddy, let’s move to our blogger. I suppose you didn’t close the blogger tab, if you have, don’t worry just open a new one and still go to the settings menu of the particular blog you want to apply a top domain to. Type your domain name in the empty box starting with www. And save it.

Step 10: This is the final work or step to be done and you can have your blog to be online with your new top paid domain. After you have saved your progress, click on edit as shown in the image. And tick on the redirect checkbox and save your progress.

It can take up to 48h for DNS settings to be properly propagated. So don’t worry. You can be lucky like me and it would start running in minutes.That is all, you are done view your blog with a new domain.

Thanks for staying with me through all the tutorial. Happy blogging and enjoy your new domain…. If you still have problem let me now…………,,,,,

This post was written by DOK Simon, if you are finding any difficulties please let me know in the comment box below and I would be Glad to Help !!

How helpful was this information to you, do you have any suggestion to give,  please let me know in the comment box..
How To Easily Set up A Blogger Custom Domain With Godaddy Purchased Domain (Review)
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