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8 Ways to Improve Your Blogging and Writing Skills

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Ways To Improve Your Blogging And Writing Skills

Writing is a skill that needs to be developed over time. No one on this planet earth was born with the 100% excellent writing skills. It was develop and as such it was learnt. As a blogger, it is very beneficial you write your blogs in English so that your readers can understand your works, post or article if I should put it that way. To be able to develop a strong writing skills, it requires lot and lots of practice and determination. Anybody at all can be a good writer if only they are determined to be.

I thank GOD for yet another day and a great life. Through his son JESUS Christ of Nazareth to share this tips with you                                                                                                                      
They are so many reason why people would love or need to develop their writing skills, it could be that, they want to take an English class, may be they want to reply to emails and so on, or even may be they want to be a pro blogger someday. 
Anyone one who agrees to the fact that he or she is a writer, checking his or her background would reveal that, they engage themselves reading journals, magazines, blogs, newspapers, and even books to improve upon their writing skills may be on a daily basis. And they might also engage themselves in days and days of practice in writing.

I am not saying that I am an excellent writer but I always subject myself to further education to make sure I improve myself in everything I do.

To further subject you for more education, here are some techniques to help you improve your writing skills. I bet you these techniques are true because I engage myself practicing some of them and am seeing changes in my writing skills in general.

Keep a note or a journal

A journal or a note is a piece of book where you write up your ideas. It is a place where you write some of your new ideas in and try to explain them for further understanding anytime you read it again. By keeping all your writing in one place, one would easily see how he is improving. You never can tell. Your idea jotted in the journal could be the next best-selling business or brands.

You could participate in writing exercises.

There are resources online such as Writer's Digest, that provide you with writing exercise to undertake. These could be the first or best way you could ever improve your writing skills online. You could also give yourself a story line and write about it…..

Read a lot.

It is very important I mention that you read, it is one of the best ways to learn how to write because you read peoples write up and you pick up lesson from it. The tenses, the grammar, the phrases, the sentences and even more. All this things add up in your brain and mind and builds you up in writing.

Comment on your Favourite blog post and articles.

Commenting is one of the best avenue of sharing your thoughts about a post or article that you have read. Challenge yourself to write a long comment, try as much as possible for the comment to be very informative and contributive. In as such that it would make sense to anybody that reads it. Always write a decent comment as it makes you noticed by others commenter and even the author.

Join a writer's group.

One of the greatest thing to do is to join a group that you know would help you improve your writing skills. Don’t be shy to share your content with peoples.  This people would be the same people to read and correct you if you are wrong with your article. And eventually help you reach your target.

Practice Writing Daily 

The more you devote your time writing almost every day they more you cultivate the habit of writing and the more you grow some love for writing. Your gradual process of seriousness would eventually pay off with an increasing skills in writing. Something you are dedicated to do is something that you would eventually succeed in. You cannot write awesome post and articles if you never try.

Use Online Resources to Correct your Grammar

Your grammar is one thing that makes your article or post very interesting and as such you have to devote more time checking for grammatical errors and so on. You can use these online resource to easily check for your grammar Grammarly,  GrammarCheck this tools would help you answer a grammatical question when it comes up.

Allow Your Friend Edit Your Writing

You can make one of your closest friend whom you know he or she is good in English check out your work and make corrections for you if there are any. The bottom line is don’t be shy of correction from your friend. 

Eventually Show off your Writing

As a desired writer, you should write up to 700 to 1000 words a day, try to see the improvement of your writing skills by writing five to six articles every day that is to say you can write one article every day. Becoming an excellent writer is not an impossible mission for you for anyone at all. It just requires devotion of time and determination and the spirit of a writer to achieve such goals or dreams... As a blogger your writing skills is highly recommended and it is highly checked and noted. 

If you enjoy this article and it was of help to you, please just take a minute or two and share it with your friends…
8 Ways to Improve Your Blogging and Writing Skills
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