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5 Top Most Genuine ways of making real money from your website or Blog

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Here we are again, it’s all about money, money, and money right? ...Sounds good to hear that there are chances of making real money online with your website or blog. .. There are a lot of people applying these points am about to share with you. And they are making it very big. Some them even make as simple but big $100,000 in just a month... Worry less, you too can also make it BIG. If this is your first time of applying any of these tips, that is ok. There is no cause for alarm... you just have to work more hard on your site..

Special Tip : You should heavily work for your website or blog traffic to be able to make the maximum full potential of any of the ways and company stated below !! Your Website traffic is the milestone here !!! So don't get it twisted.

May be you have tried Google AdSense and you were declined because your website or blog does not meet their criteria. Even though AdSense is an assuring way to make money from your website, there are many other organization out there that offers you the same opportunity of making money from your blog online.

Thank God for a blessed day such as this and life that we have. Do you know that the Grace of God abounds in the lives of many like you and me. and that is still why we are living on.God is Love.                                                         

You would make even more money with these strategies to be shared if your website or blog has an increasing traffic or click-through rate. So in as much as you want to make money, you should try to increase the traffic of your blog or website. Because it would make your goal of making money successful... OK

Genuine ways of making huge money. 

Way #1 PPC Advertising Networks 

The meaning of PPC is basically pay per click. You make money here depending on the amount of clicks of adverts placed on your site. Just to mention, Google AdSense is one of the most popular network when it comes to this category of PPC. There are many other site offering you the same opportunity as Google AdSense. With this category you would have to sign up with the organization and you would be given a code to be placed on your website/blog. The network would then show relevant ads on your website/blog depending on your niche and you would make money depending on the amount of clicks it gets. The success of this option depends on the amount of traffic your website gains and more importantly the position the ads are placed, Ads placed just below your header on the sidebars or placed to blend with content tend to get higher CTRs (click through) and earnings. The sources of your traffic has a greater influence to your earnings

List of popular CPC advertising networks Companies:

Google Adsense
Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN)

Way #2  CPM Advertising Networks 

The CPM means Cost per Mile. Which refers to the cost of 1,000impression. (Impression means page views). This options work a little like the Cost per Click discussed previously but the bigger difference between the two is that the CPM makes you money depending on the number of page views (impression) that the ads displayed on your website/blog is able to generate.

If your blog gains 200,000 traffic monthly, if you display advertising banner worth $1 CPM, you are likely to make $200 monthly from your website/blog. The more traffic you website generates the more you make from it. So the ball is on your court.

The betterment of this network also depends on the position your ad would be placed the closer you put the ad to the top of your website page, the higher the CPM you get. And note that CPM rates varies depending on the network. You can get from the range of $0.10 - $20 for every 1,000 impression.

List of popular CPM advertising networks:

Way #3  Direct Banner Advertising 

You can also sell ad spaces on your website/blog. You can offer advertisers the chance to buy an ad space on your page for an amount of dollars. The most popular AD banner formats on the web are the 120×600 (skyscraper), the 728×90 (leaderboard), the 300×250 (rectangle) and the small square 125×125 button.

You have to get a large amount of traffic to be able to get an advertiser to advertise on your website/blog. And you need more time managing your sales process of your banners and payments that might come from them.

List Of Popular Banner Advertising Networks:

Special Tip:     You can also be your own medium of selling ads……

Way #4  Affiliate Marketing 

In this section of making money, you stand as a medium selling products or referring people to a merchant’s marketplace or home for a commission. You are paid base on the amount of people who have purchased product using your links.

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular internet practice over the years. One can make huge money from this if one has huge followers. This type of advertising is called Cost per Action (CPA) or Cost per Lead (CPL).

List Of Popular Affiliate Marketplaces And Networks:

You might want to read………How to Make Money with Your Affiliates

Way #5  Sponsored Reviews 

Writing has also become one of the ways bloggers make money on the internet. With this, all you have to do is just to write a post about a product, service or even a brand and have it published on your blog. Joining sponsored review marketplace is very profitable as it gives you the opportunity to write a sponsored or review post on general topics.

Some bloggers are making huge money with this sponsored post but not all bloggers are ready or willing to write or join this marketplace and write about topics that is out of their range of niche because they believe it compromises their credibility online. But it is worth it……….

You can advise yourself whether or not it is good for you If you have big audience for your blog you can also offer to write a sponsored or review directly all by yourself without any third party interfering. That way you get your money without a cut off since there is no middleman 

List Of Popular Sponsored Reviews And Paid Blogging Networks: 

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5 Top Most Genuine ways of making real money from your website or Blog
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