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How to Upload or Install Your Custom Template in Blogger

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Install Your Custom Template in Blogger

Here comes another newbie tips all for bloggers using the Google blogger platform. Just in case you need to know, I consider blogger one of the best blogging platform out there that anybody at all could easily learn how to do things. It is a hassle free platform where all most everything is free. You don’t really have to think of buying a domain name from the start if you can’t afford it. With the Google blogger all one needs to do is just to sign up for the services and start enjoying the full benefits of blogging... 

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There are quite a number of good developers out there that are very professional with their work, designing nice, beautiful and responsive blogger template mostly for free. However, hassle free blogger might be one needs to get for himself a very nice template whether free or paid to make readers see the seriousness in his blogging career.

Bloggers are well judged by their seriousness depending on the professional arrangement of their blog template. So many bloggers invest a lot of money to make their template more appealing and beautiful to the eye. It also makes advertisers see how serious you are with your blogging. Most publishers consider design to approve members to its publisher’s team...

Today we are going to learn how to upload your own custom template in blogger. Blogger supports template in the format of XML, Apart from this there is absolutely no other format blogger supports.

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Uploading a Custom Template in Blogger.

#1  Choosing a Professional Blogger Template!

The first step has to do with choosing a professional template you know suits your niche, you have to choose a blog template that is search engine friendly, fully optimized for search engine. There are so many site online that provides you with free and paid professional search engine friendly blogger template. Example is, and many others... Find them.

#2 How to upload or Install Template in Blogger?

Now we presume you have got a nice template already and you are ready to have it uploaded to your blogger. Make sure the template you are downloading is in XML format. More a time’s, developers archive them in a WinRAR file format so it would contain other document such as  instruction on how you can easily edit  and install it. If you downloaded just the XML, then good you can go ahead and upload the xml immediately. But if on the contrary you downloaded a WinRAR file format, you should go ahead and extract the files and look out for the .xml file. (Download a WinRAR extractor here

Login to your blogger dashboard. (
Select the particular blog you wish to change its template.
Go to Template from the menu option just at the left side bar. 
Click on the Backup/Restore button located just at the top right corner of window/screen as shown in the image below.
[ >> Template >> Backup/Upload]

When you click on the button a new window would pop up as shown in the image below. Click “Choose file” and locate where your .xml template file is. Select it. And click on the “Upload” button. 

Once you have been able to do this successfully, you blog template should be up and running just immediately after a successful install. … If in case you want to edit your template just follow the step below to get to where HTML code is and edit them

[ >> Template >> Edit HTML]

How helpful was this information to you, do you have any suggestion to give,  please let me know in the comment box..
How to Upload or Install Your Custom Template in Blogger
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