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Ways to protect your passwords from online Hackers

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Ways to protect your passwords from online Hackers

It is very vital to make sure that all your online passwords saved on your desktop or laptop is very protected on your PC.  You have to protect it not because you want to but because you don't want to be rubbed of a fortune.  Just in case you don't know, let me open your eye to the world of hacking where an individual or a group gets an unauthorized access to your computer and steals most or all of your vital information stored on your networked computer.

hacking is any technical effort done by a group of people or just one person to manipulate the normal behavior of network connections  of computers and connected systems. The term "hacking" in quote historically is referred to a constructive and a very clever technical work that is not necessarily related to computer systems. Today, however, hacking and hackers are mostly and commonly associated with the use of malicious programming  to attack on the Internet and other networks.

You have to know that your passwords are gateways to access most or some of your websites or organizations and as such should be very sacred. No one has to know your password not even your closet except for the fact that it is very necessary. or may be two people uses one password to access a common program or website.

But at present,  give a  hackers a little difficulty and they might just go after another person, may be a softer target. So, create a very tough passwords (longer is always better of ), get a two-step authentication system like Gmail provides you, where you sign in with your password and verify with your mobile phone, edit out personal info from your Facebook and Google+ pages, and don't tweet things that can be used to phish data.

You can keep your passwords safe with these Windows apps:

  1. KeePass
  2. Password Safe
  3. LastPass
  4. RoboForm

Other resources, courtesy of RSA:
Krebs on Security -- Keep up with the latest security news.
ShieldsUp -- Check for open ports, password strength, and other security measures.
Cryptotools-- Learn and play around with cryptography.

Ways to protect your passwords from online Hackers

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