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Learn The Various Ways to Grow Your Blog and be a Top Bloggers

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Ways to Grow Your Blog  and be a  Top Bloggers

Ways to Grow Your Blog  and be a  Top Bloggers

Owning a blog is one thing and managing the blog is another thing anyone can own a blog but not anyone can devote their time and effort to the blog for it to grow to standard. I always commend bloggers who have made it to the top because I know it is not an easy thing to do. Especially maintaining your blog to the top once it has gotten  there, you have to fight for it to grow or maintain it's position and fortunately or unfortunately we are all fighting that for our blog to get to the maximum height.  In this post we are going to learn new ways of either taking your blog to the top or maintain it at the top. May you are looking for a way to attract and maintain more readers.It is good to note that our readers including me and you are the same very people that keeps our blogs and makes it what it is. and I respect them for that. So the question now is how do we keep our cheerful readers. Now lets dive into the points listed  and see how best they are helpful to us

  1. Be Active in Other Communities First
  2. Write About What You Love the most
  3. Write Great Content
  4. Answer Questions for Your Audience
  5. Offer Real Value
  6. Be There for Your Readers
  7. Say Something New
  8. Make Your Readers Feel Good
  9. Respect Your Audience
  10. Focus on Evergreen Content
  11. Know Your Goals and Stick to Them
  12. Deliver as Promised
  13. Give Each Reader Opportunities to Interact With You
  14. Ask for Subscriptions at the End of Your Article
  15. Place Your Subscriber Box at the Top
  16. Offer a Benefit to your readers
  17. Let People the chance to Follow You in the Way They Prefer

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Learn The Various Ways to Grow Your Blog  and be a  Top Bloggers

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