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Install and use WhatsApp Messenger For PC or Laptop

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Installing Whatsapp on your laptop or your PC

Whats App Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging. It is an app which allows you to exchange messages from smart phones to smart phones. with this you don't need a pin or what so ever to connect with friends, you only need the phone number of that person if only he or she is has installed and register for it....
Whatsapp was founded in the year  2009 by Brain Acton and Jan Koum with the idea of exchanging text messages, voice, video and images for free.. no cost attached . millions of messages are sent through whatsapp per day.

The WhatsApp application is available for AndroidBlackBerry OSiPhoneWindows Phone and Nokia. and now you can use it on your PC in the house or even your laptop.

Installing WhatsApp for smartphone is very easy. You might be thinking of how possible can you install this smartphone application on your laptop computer... This post would show you how possible ... It support variety of operating system like  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or MAC OS.

How to Install and use Whats app on your laptop or PC To install Whatsapp please follow this link... 

Install and use WhatsApp Messenger For PC or Laptop
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